WEBSITES FROM FRIENDS: Beat Kohler's website on astronomical telescopes Abdul Rehmtulla's website with his jewellery creations Bruno Bleiker's pictures from the Sky and the Swiss Alps Matthias Taugwalder's website with impressive panoramas. If you happen to meet someone in the middle of the night 4000 m above sea level in the Swiss Alps photographing the milky way, it's probably Matthias. Donat Nussbaumer's image collection Website of Mediasign GmbH Bernd Nies' pictures from around the world and the universe Michael Sengers' website with a huge gallery of Switzerland and its restaurants. Michael has a second website at Manuel Jung's astrophotography and general photography website - containing useful information on astronomical equipment Guido Schwarz's website Jan de Lignie's website on ccd cameras for astrophotography Images from my girlfriend Barbara Jud