NEWS & TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Thom Hogan's site (American photographer and book author) with technical information mainly on Nikon gear Ron Reznick's nature and scenic photography site with some useful lens information German site on digital cameras Photographer Lloyd L Chambers' website. With interesting blog. (direct link to blog: click here) English photography page with good forums Photography forum (in German) Photography page Swiss photography page (in German) with a nice page on second hand cameras (direct link: Swiss photography page (in German) from Otto + Wyss AG company with a nice page on second hand cameras (direct link: Otto + Wyss Kleinanzeigen) Photography page with forums and interesting information Weber's photography site with interesting lens reviews American photography page Ken Rockwell's somewhat crazy site with lots of information on photography American photography website "Let's Go Digital" (in English) Photography page with a lot of information Norwegian photography page (in English) Photography forum for Nikon photographers (in English) Forum for Nikon photographers (in German) Photography website with information about Nikon cameras and a friendly forum (in English). Unfortunately, the forum is for paying members only International photography page on Nikon cameras and photography in general German site on Nikon cameras (in German) American photography page with a forum and a very nice photo gallery page. Nasim Mansurov's photography website with interesting articles, reviews, photos and a forum. Website with interesting lens reviews and a forum. Community of photographers and photography enthusiasts, ranging from amateurs to working professionals Photography website with forum Rob Galbraith's photography website. The site of the Canadian digital photojournalist contains lots of information. Ron Bigelow's website with good photography tips (including nice Photoshop workshops)