The famous "Orion Nebula" (also known as Messier 42 & Messier 43) in the constellation of Orion on October 23, 2011. The diffuse nebula (Messier 42 in the lower part of the image, Messier 43 in the upper part) is a region of star formation. It is 1344 light years from Earth and measures 24 light years across. It is visible to the naked eye.

A 80 second exposure, a 4 minute exposure and a 8 minute exposure at ISO 400 were combined and processed in Photoshop for this image. Unfortunately, the nebula was still low in the sky and wind slightly impacted the guiding.
Equipment: Canon EOS 20Da camera, TeleVue coma corrector, Zambuto 16" f/5 quartz optics in a Dieter Martini dobsonian telescope, dual-axis Tom Osypowski equatorial platform, Lacerta MGEN autoguider, Teleskop-Service off axis system TS-OAG9 EOS.